BeanSafe Coffee Canister - Stainless Steel/Black

BeanSafe Coffee Canister - Stainless Steel/Black

Product Description

Best-tasting coffee comes from freshly roasted beans. Roasted coffee beans or ground coffee must be stored properly to retain their full flavor and preserve freshness. BeanSafe coffee containers are designed to protect coffee beans from air, moisture, heat, light, and carbon dioxide exposure. Features four locking clasps and a silicone gasket, plus a unique aeration system that employs a patent pending one-way pressure release valve that keeps air and moisture from entering the canister while letting carbon dioxide escape. This ensures that roasted coffee beans or ground coffee inside the container will remain exceptionally aromatic and perfectly flavorful. Pressure valve never needs to be replaced and is dishwasher safe. Includes coffee scoop. 16-oz capacity.

Product Reviews (2)

Overall rating
A Canister That Actually Works!
By Charles - 12/7/2017
“I have used several different canisters and used mostly a stainless steel one with a positive gasket seal which did a good job. The Beansafe Coffee Canister is far superior and is in a category all of its own. The seal is much better with lock down catches that result in even pressure all around the protected seal. The pressure valve in the lid is not a gimmick, it really works. The valve released carbon dioxide without allowing oxygen into the ground coffee. The size of the canister is perfect to allow the maximum amount of roasted beans to be ground to keep the optimum freshness. Whenever I open the canister to take out five scoops for my French press, the aroma released is absolutely beyond description. The quality is the same from the first to the lost pot is the same. This is the first time I have ever experienced this. I will purchase another canister just in case the manufacturer stops making it. You can't go wrong!!!
Beansafe coffee canister - Great Product
By Doug - 7/10/2017
“I have used this for a few months. It is great! Holds one pound of roasted coffee. I use this for my daily use coffee beans. It makes putting just a few beans at a time into the grinder very easy. I don't like to have too many beans in the grinder hopper and this canister is just what I needed.”