Unroasted Kenya AA

Unroasted Kenya AA
$9.45 - 11.90 /lb $11.90
$9.45 - 11.90 /lb $11.90
    Region: Africa
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Product Description

This high grown coffee is one of our most well-regarded beans. Kenya coffee has a sharp, winey taste with a pronounced fruity undertone. To bring out some of the subtler flavor notes, we recommend a light roast, or if you prefer a more robust cup, a dark roast will suit your needs perfectly. Regardless of your preference, this unique bean is a must-try.

Product Reviews (4)

Overall rating
Awesome Coffee
By Charles - 12/7/2017
“Kenya AA, I believe is the best coffee bean in the world. I French roast my beans and grind them right away, use a French press making a cup of coffee that is unsurpassed. It is not just a cup of coffee, it is an experience in perfection that is oh so good!”
great coffee beans
By Matt - 6/2/2017
“these are great beans, high quality and uniform larger size, as you would expect from a AA. they roasted up nicely into a robust, flavorful, slightly fruity/earthy cup.

the customer service from coffeebeandirect is outstanding, too!”
unroasted Kenya AA
By Robogeriat - 5/3/2017
“The best I've ever had. Even my housekeeper, who is from that area, gave your coffee a beaming thumbs up!”