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  1. Unroasted Costa Rican Tarrazu
    $7.80 - 9.75 /lb $9.75
    Costa Rica is regarded as one of the world's premiere coffee growing regions, thanks to its volcanic soil and ideal drainage. Costa Rican coffees tend to be more acidic than some, with some excellent chocolaty flavor notes and fruity undertones in the … read more
  2. Unroasted Guatemalan
    $7.15 - 9.30 /lb $9.30
    From the volcanic southern regions of Guatemala. This coffee has a spicy flavor with a fair amount of acidity, and can be quite strong. Light roasted, it is ideal as a morning or dessert coffee. In the darker roasts it produces a heavy and hearty … read more
  3. Unroasted Half-Caff Colombian
    $7.20 - 9.80 /lb $9.80
    A 50/50 blend of regular and decaffeinated Colombian Supremo beans. Light roasted, it features a smooth, full body, with half the … read more
  4. Unroasted Jamaican Blue Mountain Style
    $7.70 - 10.45 /lb $10.45
    Whether Jamaica Blue Mountain is an old favorite or you’d like to give it a try to find out what the hubbub is all about, our Jamaican Blue Mountain Style is just what you’re looking for. Perfected by our legendary roast masters, this blend is … read more
  5. Unroasted Mexican Altura
    $6.90 - 9.00 /lb $9.00
    Mexican Altura proves its country of origin should be renowned for more than just delicious food. Just in case you were wondering, altura means ‘heights.’ Grown in the rich, volcanic soil high in Mexico’s central and southern mountain ranges, … read more
  6. Unroasted Panama Boquete
    $8.65 - 10.30 /lb $10.30
    Though overlooked in the past, coffee connoisseurs have recently recanted and embraced Panama’s beans. Our Panama Boquete (beau-keh-TAY) is a shining example of superior quality coffee with a complex, rewarding flavor profile that is unlike any other … read more

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