Unroasted Costa Rican Tarrazu

Unroasted Costa Rican Tarrazu
$7.80 - 9.75 /lb $9.75
$7.80 - 9.75 /lb $9.75
    Region: Central America
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  • Light
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Product Description

Costa Rica is regarded as one of the world's premiere coffee growing regions, thanks to its volcanic soil and ideal drainage. Costa Rican coffees feature with some excellent chocolaty flavor notes and fruity undertones in the lighter roasts. When roasted darker, these flavors can be enhanced with a smoky finish. We recommend a Light to French roast.

Product Reviews (7)

Overall rating
Great coffee to go with my new pot.
By Sue - 1/28/2018
“I just puchased a Bonavita coffee maker and roasted these beans for my trial run. I have to say, it is the best cup of coffee I have had, to date. Love the flavor.”
Great for every day use
By Doug - 1/6/2018
“This is a wonderful coffee with a great flavor. I roast to city, and have a flavorful coffee. CBD service is the best. Always fast and on time.”
Exellent service and easy to use
By David - 9/16/2017
“I've been roasting for about 10 years and love the Costa Rican. Stop at second crack and just what I want in a great coffee. ”