Unroasted Jamaican Blue Mountain Style

Unroasted Jamaican Blue Mountain Style
$7.70 - 10.45 /lb $10.45
$7.70 - 10.45 /lb $10.45
    Region: Central America
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Product Description

Whether Jamaica Blue Mountain is an old favorite or you’d like to give it a try to discover what the hubbub is all about, our Jamaican Blue Mountain Style is just what you’re looking for. While there are no beans from Jamaica in this blend, it features a smooth, slightly sweet cup with a moderate acidity and a delicate, floral aroma – just like the real thing. You’ll swear it’s as unique and flavorful as any bean coming down from Jamaica’s mountains.

Product Reviews (2)

Overall rating
Surprisingly good
By dirk - 1/22/2019
“This roast (medium) has a light, flavorful taste that is very similar to the real Jamaica Blue Mountain. Frankly, it's just as good at a fraction of the price.”
Not what I expected
By KC - 9/9/2018
“I've been to jamaica but did not have an opportunity to taste the blue mountain coffee. If it tasted like this, I would have been disappointed....”