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  1. Unroasted Estate Java
    $6.25 - 8.40 /lb $8.40
    Another excellent Indonesian coffee comes from the esteemed island of Java. Java produces some truly distinct coffees, including this Blawan Estate bean. Low in acidity, as is the norm for Indonesian coffees, this bean produces a medium-heavy body with … read more
  2. Unroasted Indian Monsooned Malabar
    $8.05 - 8.93 /lb $6.70
    Of the many beans we offer, our Indian Monsooned Malabar is by far the most singular. Annual monsoon winds cause the beans to expand in size and acquire their unique, mellow flavor. Featuring overtones of baker’s chocolate and a distinct earthiness, … read more
  3. Unroasted Papua New Guinea
    $6.65 - 9.00 /lb $9.00
    This Indonesian coffee is actually a transplant from the Jamaican Blue Mountain growing region. The combination of the Jamaican trees and the Indonesian soil creates a truly unique coffee. Not as earthy as a Sumatra, and with a lighter body than a Java, … read more
  4. Unroasted Sulawesi Kalossi
    $8.25 - 10.75 /lb $10.75
    This coffee originates from the excellent growing conditions of Indonesia. Sulawesi Kalossi has a full, heavy body and a rich, earthy flavor featuring subtle hints of berry with a tangy finish. Typical of Indonesian coffees, it has a very low acidity … read more
  5. Unroasted Sumatra Mandheling
    $8.65 - 10.85 /lb $10.85
    A staple of coffee shops throughout the world, Sumatra is known for its earthy, spicy flavor and unmatched flavor-profile. Hailing from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, this varietal is perfect as a rich dessert coffee or for those who prefer a brew … read more

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