Unroasted Papua New Guinea

Unroasted Papua New Guinea
$6.65 - 9.00 /lb $9.00
$6.65 - 9.00 /lb $9.00
    Region: Indonesia
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Product Description

This Indonesian coffee is actually a transplant from the Jamaican Blue Mountain growing region. The combination of the Jamaican trees and the Indonesian soil creates a truly unique coffee. Not as earthy as a Sumatra, and with a lighter body than a Java, it yields rich, earthy cup with notes of citrus and dark chocolate. We suggest a City to French roast for this bean to enhance and maintain the nuances of this bean.

Product Reviews (1)

Overall rating
most preferred coffee, easy to roast
By guy - 11/1/2016
“just about finished my first 5 lb bag of roasting green png. smooth characteristic, often lacking in all but the most premium coffees, such as kona, which has lost its value to cup since the last few years.
the cracks are very easy to distinguish. first cracks are like the popping of popcorn sound with a little lull then a rice krispies sound signalling the second crack. this border line is where the best flavor characteristics of the bean come out. smooth, rich, low acidity(low brightness). the explanation for such a good tasting coffee at such a reasonable price is that these trees were from the jamaican island, where the famed jamaican blue mountain coffee is. unfortunately the jbm has met the same fate as the kona bean due to deteriorating environmental conditions.”