Unroasted Brazilian Santos

Unroasted Brazilian Santos
$6.75 - 8.40 /lb $8.40
$6.75 - 8.40 /lb $8.40
    Region: South America
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Product Description

Brazil is one of the largest coffee producers in the world for good reason. Brazilian beans are versatile and mild. Whether you prefer a light, city, or French roast, this silky-smooth coffee features creamy notes of chocolate, cinnamon, and caramel and is an excellent choice for home roasting.

Product Reviews (4)

Overall rating
Good beam for a first time roaster
By Kevin - 10/27/2019
“This was literally my first attempt at roasting, and I must say I'm quite pleased! I picked this bean partially because of the price (didn't want to waste a bunch of money in ruined beans), and partially because it sounded like a pretty forgiving bean for roasting. I roasted them in a whirly type of popcorn popper, with a heat gun, and it worked great! As others have said, these beans don't seem to crack like others I've seen videos of, so I judged mostly by color. I brought the beans just to the beginning of what I thought was second crack, and immediately cooled them. I let them degas for about 14 hours before grinding. They produce a very nutty aroma, and flavor. Very smooth, amd plesent flavor. I think I will go a little darker with my roast the next time, but all in all, I am very happy with my experience!”
Forgiving, indeed. Seems to "crack" differently.....
By Curt - 3/15/2019
“Fell in love with this bean when abroad, which of course has as much to do with the roast as the bean, itself. Novice roaster, here, but I have learned the difference between first crack and second crack. First crack on the first batch seemed to take forEVer, a good couple of minutes longer than expected. So long, I thought I missed it, and it did not sound like the entire batch was going. A couple of minutes later, I heard what sounded like the beginning of second crack, but it never really got going, either. As the beans were getting dark, I put my Behmor into cool mode. Seconds later, smoke. The beans survived, but barely, and were the darkest I had ever done. Future batches I settled on a very light roast, heard the same "limited" first crack, and bailed out early. These beans did fine on a light roast. 5th time through (5 pound bag), same thing happened as the first, just never heard that good first crack. Based my stoppage on appearance rather than sound. Came out as a pretty good medium/dark.

Just wondering what it is about these beans. I have maybe 10 other batches under my belt, and have never had a tough time, even on my very first batch, on the cracks.

That being said, I like these beans, and am not ready to give up yet. ”
Forgiving Bean!
By Barrie - 3/12/2018
“Good bean for a variety of roast levels. Couldn't get a second crack but still good flavor. ”