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  1. Unroasted CO2 Decaf Brazilian Santos
    $7.25 - 9.57 /lb $9.57
    We believe decaf should have a taste as deep and complex as any of our other craft coffees. Created for our decaf-loving friends, this blend of 100% Arabica gourmet coffee uses a carbon dioxide (CO2) decaffeination process and features the same sweet, … read more
  2. Unroasted CO2 Decaf Colombian/Espresso
    $8.35 - 10.17 /lb $10.17
    Unlike most decaf coffees, we use the CO2 process to decaffeinate these beans. The carbon dioxide process was developed in Germany as a natural alternative to the industry standard, which uses a Methylene Chloride decaffeination method. Our CO2 … read more
  3. Unroasted Decaf Colombian
    $7.20 - 9.58 /lb $9.58
    Supremo is the highest grade of Colombian coffee beans. This is the coffee that off-the-shelf brands are trying to emulate when they offer “100% Colombian” blends, and not one of them comes close to the quality of a fresh roasted Colombian Supremo … read more
  4. Unroasted Decaf Costa Rican
    $7.50 - 9.75 /lb $9.75
    Costa Rica is regarded as one of the world's premiere coffee growing regions, thanks to its volcanic soil and ideal drainage. Costa Rican coffees tend to be more acidic than some, with some excellent chocolaty flavor notes and fruity undertones in the … read more
  5. Unroasted Decaf Ethiopian
    $7.40 - 9.25 /lb $9.25
    Ethiopian beans feature a fragrant aroma with hints of citrus and floral undertones. The subtle fruity taste of this coffee is accompanied by a moderate acidity and light body. Like Costa Rican coffees, these qualities can be enhanced by a darker roast, … read more
  6. Unroasted Decaf Guatemalan
    $7.70 - 9.65 /lb $9.65
    From the volcanic southern regions of Guatemala, this coffee has a spicy flavor with a fair amount of acidity, and can be quite strong. Our Guatemalan is ideal as a Light to Medium roast, but enjoyable at the darker … read more
  7. Unroasted Decaf Sumatra
    $8.30 - 10.40 /lb $10.40
    Hailing from Indonesian island of Sumatra, these beans are considered to be amongst the region's finest. A staple of coffee shops across the country, Sumatra is famously smooth and rich with an earthy and chocolaty flavor. At any roast level, it is ideal … read more
  8. Unroasted Organic SWP Decaf Mexican USDA Organic
    $8.30 - 10.50 /lb $10.50
    Unlike most of our decaf coffees, we use the Swiss Water Process to decaffeinate these Mexican beans. There is only one SWP facility, located in Vancouver, Canada. The Swiss Water Process is a 100% natural alternative to the Methylene Chloride process … read more

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