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  1. Unroasted CO2 Decaf Colombian/Espresso
    $8.35 - 10.17 /lb $10.17
    Unlike most decaf coffees, we use the CO2 process to decaffeinate these beans. The carbon dioxide process was developed in Germany as a natural alternative to the industry standard, which uses a Methylene Chloride decaffeination method. Our CO2 … read more
  2. Unroasted French/Italian Espresso Blend
    $6.60 - 8.20 /lb $8.20
    This custom green coffee blend is what we use for our French Roast and Italian Roast Espresso coffees. Specially formulated for darker roasts, this blend brings out a great crema for … read more
  3. Unroasted Medium Espresso Blend
    $6.70 - 8.35 /lb $8.35
    A versatile blend that, at a medium roast, is good as an espresso as well as standard brewing. This coffee has a full body and moderate acidity. We roast this blend a few shades lighter than our Italian Roast Espresso, and can be used to make a softer … read more
  4. Unroasted Six Bean Espresso
    $7.20 - 9.00 /lb $9.00
    We spent many months creating this blend, and consulted numerous espresso gurus to help us. The result is an espresso blend now served in coffee shops across the nation. This blend is intended especially for espresso, and offers an evenly colored crema, … read more
  5. Unroasted Super Dark Espresso Blend
    $7.15 - 8.90 /lb $8.90
    Our Unroasted Super Dark Espresso blend is specially designed for the darkest roast level. Even slightly past an Italian roast level, this coffee maintains its hearty and bittersweet qualities, making it an excellent choice for home roasting. Packed with … read more

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