Unroasted French/Italian Espresso Blend

Unroasted French/Italian Espresso Blend
$6.60 - 8.20 /lb $8.20
$6.60 - 8.20 /lb $8.20
    Region: South America + India
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Product Description

This custom green coffee blend is what we use for our French Roast and Italian Roast Espresso coffees. Specially formulated for darker roasts, this blend brings out a great crema for espresso.

Product Reviews (3)

Overall rating
Give yourself the gift of a 5 star cup of coffee every day!
By carol - 5/25/2017
“You can up the quality of your coffee by roasting your own beans in a small countertop roaster. Your roasted beans from Coffee Bean Direct will be excellent & you'll never have a bad cup of coffee again. Prices & shipping are affordable!”
Great espresso
By Dennis - 9/3/2016
“This is my wife and I's everyday coffee. We roast ~2 lbs each week and enjoy the best cappuccino's through the week. Day 3 is the best tasting day for the roast! ”
Very enjoyable!
By Jayne - 1/10/2016
“Very enjoyable! Am re-ordering.”