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  1. Unroasted Organic and Fair Trade Coffee 5-Pack Sampler USDA Organic Fair Trade Certified
    Enjoy our line of unroasted Organic Fair Trade coffees sourced from around the world. This gift set includes five of our favorite certified Organic & Fair Trade selections in resealable 1 lb. bags. The Unroasted Organic & Fair Trade Sampler … read more
  2. Unroasted Organic Bali Blue Moon USDA Organic
    $9.42 - 12.55 /lb $12.55
    Of all the single origin varietals of coffee we’ve acquired, our Organic Bali Blue Moon is perhaps most deserving of its namesake. This exquisite bean brews the kind of nuanced, flavorful cup that only comes around once in a blue moon. Bali coffee … read more
  3. Unroasted Organic Fair Trade Colombian USDA Organic Fair Trade Certified
    $8.40 - 10.83 /lb $10.83
    Our Unroasted Organic Fair Trade Colombian is a great starter bean for home roasters and a favorite of the pros. This large bean shines at any roast level. With a balanced body, rich notes of caramel, and a sweet aftertaste, our Organic Fair Trade … read more
  4. Unroasted Organic Fair Trade Espresso USDA Organic Fair Trade Certified
    $8.50 - 11.15 /lb $11.15
    This espresso blend is made up of entirely Organic Fair Trade coffee beans. Roasted to a full Italian Roast, this blend is perfect for espresso and even regular … read more
  5. Unroasted Organic Fair Trade Ethiopian Yirgacheffe USDA Organic Fair Trade Certified
    $9.35 - 12.08 /lb $12.08
    From the birthplace of coffee comes this Organic Fair Trade offering. A full City Roast will bring out some of the more delicate flavor characteristics while retaining the soft, flowery aroma of this popular coffee. The subtle fruity taste is enhanced by … read more
  6. Unroasted Organic Fair Trade Guatemalan USDA Organic Fair Trade Certified
    $8.30 - 10.90 /lb $10.90
    Often lovingly, albeit not creatively, dubbed “the bean,” this faithful classic is our trusty morning coffee around the office. Grown in the volcanic southern regions of Guatemala, this Organic Fair Trade coffee has a spicy flavor with a fair amount … read more
  7. Unroasted Organic Fair Trade Honduras Manos de Mujer USDA Organic Fair Trade Certified
    $9.08 - 11.39 /lb $11.39
    This Organic Fair Trade coffee is a truly unique varietal grown at a high altitude in La Paz, Honduras. The Manos de Mujer designation comes from a group of female coffee producers belonging to COMSA, an organization aiming to promote gender equality in … read more
  8. Unroasted Organic Fair Trade Jamaican Blue Mountain Style USDA Organic Fair Trade Certified
    $10.65 - 13.95 /lb $13.95
    This special blend is meant to closely approximate the taste and aroma characteristics of real Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. We carefully selected, blended, and roasted numerous organic fair trade bean varieties to match Jamaican Blue as closely as … read more
  9. Unroasted Organic Fair Trade Mexican Chiapas USDA Organic Fair Trade Certified
    $9.05 - 11.75 /lb $11.75
    The Chiapas region of Mexico is right on the border of Guatemala's Huehuetenango region, so the coffees share some similar traits. A soft, medium-bodied coffee, these beans are known for the fruity and nutty flavor notes associated with the growing … read more
  10. Unroasted Organic Fair Trade Nicaraguan SHG USDA Organic Fair Trade Certified
    $8.20 - 10.80 /lb $10.80
    Nicaragua is a fairly new entry into the coffee export world, and they have made quite a splash already. Some experts say that this coffee can give Kona a run for its money, but I guess time will tell. The SHG (Strictly High Grown) grade here is … read more

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