Empty Burlap Bag

Empty Burlap Bag

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Product Description

PLEASE CALL 888-232-6711 to order empty burlap bags. In order to better keep up with the demand for empty burlaps, these are now only available by phone order, not over the web.

Flat-rate and Free shipping rates do not apply to orders for empty burlap bags.

These are the burlap bags we get our raw coffee beans in. Due to popular demand, we are offering them for sale. Ideal for decorating, landscaping, and anything else you may need burlap for. Some bags are decorated with the names of the coffee estates we buy from, others are nearly blank. All burlaps are random- we pull them from our stack of used bags.

NOTE: All burlap sales are final, and we do not take returns. These bags are used, and we make no guarantee about the condition they are in (we cut them open). No special requests for bag type (estate, region, etc) will be entertained.

Each bag is approximately 2.5 ft wide x 3.5 ft long. However, we cannot guarantee that all bags will be this size.