Unroasted Costa Rican Tarrazu

Unroasted Costa Rican Tarrazu
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Great coffee to go with my new pot.
By Sue - 1/28/2018
“I just puchased a Bonavita coffee maker and roasted these beans for my trial run. I have to say, it is the best cup of coffee I have had, to date. Love the flavor.”
Great for every day use
By Doug - 1/6/2018
“This is a wonderful coffee with a great flavor. I roast to city, and have a flavorful coffee. CBD service is the best. Always fast and on time.”
Exellent service and easy to use
By David - 9/16/2017
“I've been roasting for about 10 years and love the Costa Rican. Stop at second crack and just what I want in a great coffee. ”
By Lee - 8/8/2017
“I'm new to roasting but found it very easy to get a nice vienna roast on these beans. I like my coffee on the darker/bitter side and with a darker roast, these beans delivered a coffee that is exactly what I was hoping for.”
My All Time Favorite
By Carl - 5/6/2017
“I've tried several different beans to roast and always come back to Costa Rican Terrazu. I like to roast it just to the start of the second crack when the beans are just getting a touch of shine to them. If you want a little more caffeine 'kick', go a little lighter which also has a nuttier taste. Try your coffee with fresh walnuts on the side - yummy rich combo! I've also noticed that this coffee has a full and terrific flavor if served cool/cold - the thought of cold coffee used to be really unappealing, but not at all the case with this coffee - it really hits the spot and some of the subtle flavors are more apparent when cooled down.”
Excellent coffee bean
By KC - 4/21/2017
“I've never tried Costa Rican, very pleasantly surprised. I found the flavor a bit harsh if heavily roasted (I drink it black though). I keep to a light to medium roast and tastes fantastic.”
Absolutely Amazing
By Marc - 10/26/2016
“I did a city plus roast and also a french roast. Both were completely different coffees and both were sensational. The lighter roast was a bit more chocolately with a very nice bitter chocolate smooth finish. The darker has more of a toasted, smokier flavor and a bit sharper on the finish. I drink black coffee while my wife uses half and half, and this coffee was a winner for both of us.

To brew it I set the burr grinder about 3/4 of the way between fine and medium and use an auto drip with gold mesh filter basket at 17.4:1 ratio. We tried the city plus roast in a french press at 16:1 but that was a bit on the strong side. It made some of the more pronounced flavors too intense and covered up some of the delicate notes that really add complexity to this coffee.

This coffee will definitely become a regular for us, and most likely we will stick to the city plus roast and the auto drip. ”