Unroasted Coffee 5-Pack Sampler

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Whether you are just getting started with home roasting or are an old pro, this sampler provides a nice cross-section of beans which can be roasted to various roast levels. This gift set includes five of our favorite unroasted selections in resealable 1 lb. bags.

Unroasted Colombian Supremo* – These large beans create a medium bodied and sweet tasting coffee with a rich flavor and aroma. Great between a Light and French roast!

Unroasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe* – Excellent at any roast level, these versatile beans feature a fragrant aroma with hints of citrus and floral undertones.

Unroasted Brazilian Santos* – This coffee is typified with a very mild body and low acidity and is best when roasted anywhere between Light and French.

Unroasted Tanzanian Peaberry* – These special beans are slightly smaller than the norm, featuring many of the floral and fruity flavor notes of Kenyan varietals but with less acidity.

Unroasted Breakfast Blend* – Ideal as a morning cup, this blend has a smooth, subdued flavor that stands up well to cream and sugar.

* Selections are subject to change without notice according to availability.

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