Unroasted Iced Coffee Blend

Unroasted Iced Coffee Blend
$7.70 - 9.65 /lb $9.65
$7.70 - 9.65 /lb $9.65
    Region: Central America + Indonesia
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Product Description

When it's summertime, don't give up on your coffee just because the weather is warm. Our Iced Coffee Blend is the perfect blend to perk up those hazy summer days! This dark roast is strong & full-flavored, keeping your coffee from being watered-down by ice.

To make the perfect iced coffee, it's best to brew the coffee ahead of time and let it cool. When you are ready for your frosty fix, just add milk and ice. For a smoothie-like treat, mix it all in a blender or milkshake machine and enjoy!

Product Reviews (1)

Overall rating
By Vince - 9/21/2016
“This Iced Coffee blend is awesome, I make a cold brew concentrate with it that is great , it is also good brewed hot , great blend highly recommend ”