Unroasted Indian Monsooned Malabar

Unroasted Indian Monsooned Malabar
$8.05 - 8.93 /lb $6.70
$8.05 - 8.93 /lb $6.70
    Region: India
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Product Description

Of the many beans we offer, our Indian Monsooned Malabar is by far the most singular. Annual monsoon winds cause the beans to expand in size and acquire their unique, mellow flavor. Featuring overtones of baker’s chocolate and a distinct earthiness, this bean is at its best when brought to the Light and City roast levels, but it will stay smooth even at a French roast. Without a doubt, this selection is sure to blow your taste buds away.

Product Reviews (3)

Overall rating
Family favorite
By cynthiacg123 - 7/13/2017
“Indian monsooned malabar is my favorite. It is smooth but still rich. I like to make it alone or blended with other beans. I buy it from this site because they always have the beans I want and offer free shipping.”
One of the best coffees for the money.
By Ed - 11/21/2016
“ This coffee roasts up evenly and makes a very smooth coffee. The aroma when grinding the beans is intoxicating! I put the flavor and smoothness of this cup up against any coffee even twice the price. ”
Incredibly Smooth
By Anne - 4/21/2015
“Deep, smooth coffee. Light on the tongue and the throat but Incredible.”