Unroasted Organic Fair Trade Colombian

Unroasted Organic Fair Trade Colombian
$8.40 - 10.83 /lb $10.83
$8.40 - 10.83 /lb $10.83
    Region: South America
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Product Description

Our Unroasted Organic Fair Trade Colombian is a great starter bean for home roasters and a favorite of the pros. This large bean shines at any roast level. With a balanced body, rich notes of caramel, and a sweet aftertaste, our Organic Fair Trade Colombian yields the quintessential cup. Don’t miss out on this versatile customer favorite!

Product Reviews (3)

Overall rating
let green beans sit for a while
By anne - 11/3/2018
“I order organic green Colombian beans in large enough batches that most of it ages for at least month and up to six months. The coffee is good from fresh green beans but the coffee from aged green beans is fantastic. The longer it has sat the better it seems to get. ”
Good enough to drink, but not quite on par with other Colombian beans
By Kevin - 4/29/2018
“Colombian mountain region coffees have long been our go to bean for an easy to roast and easy to love coffee. The Coffeebeandirect Colombian Fair Trade is a little below par compared to what I've come to expect of a Colombian. Roasted about 10s into second crack the coffee seemed immature, lacking a part of the broad sweet flavor so characteristic of Colombia.”
Great with a blend
By Doug - 1/6/2018
“I like a City roast. I still like a coffee with flavor, so I add 4 or 5 ounces of Columbian to my blend when I roast. It is really smooth and has a great flavor.”