Unroasted Tanzanian Peaberry

Unroasted Tanzanian Peaberry
$7.25 - 9.63 /lb $9.63
$7.25 - 9.63 /lb $9.63
    Region: Africa
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Product Description

Most coffee trees produce cherries with two seeds. The seeds are harvested and processed to become green coffee beans as we know them. Occasionally, cherries will produce only one seed, known as a peaberry. These special coffee beans are slightly smaller than the norm, but pack a rich, dense flavor. It has many of the same fruity flavor notes as a Kenya but with a lighter acidity. We recommend a light roast to preserve the bright notes of citrus and wine in this unique bean.

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Overall rating
Yum, Yum
By David - 9/16/2017
“If I were stuck on a deserted island and could have only one coffee it would be Tanzanian Peaberry. Intense flavors at any roast level. Almost heaven...”